The softwares we use to develop websites are either open source or purchased under GPL license unless a client is ready to bear the cost of paid license. Clients will not be provided with license or activation key for any plugins/themes should he/she choose to go with GPL/Open Source softwares. If a client insists on license then he/she needs to purchase one from the relevant markets. We will assist our client in activation of license or key, free of cost.

We use open source CMS tools like WordPress, Joomla, Laravel & CodeIgniter environments for web development. For customization of websites, as per our clients’ need, we use HTML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery & CSS. We use readily available tools, plugins & themes in the market to develop our websites and seldom write codes from scratch.

Once a proposal of features, design & price (which we call as MoU) is accepted by the client the terms of MoU cannot be altered without paying additional fee. Any additional work accrued upon us due to the alteration in the terms of MoU will be charged at the rate of $100/hour.

We will not start working on a project until 50% of the amount mentioned in MoU is transferred to our bank accounts. By transferring this amount a client is understood to have accepted the terms of MoU.

The date of MoU will be the date on which the said amount has been credited in our bank account. The date of delivery of final website will be mentioned in the MoU.

A client is required to make available to us the relevant information to be entered on his/her website. If a client fail to deliver us the asked information on schedule then we cannot be held responsible for the “delay” in project delivery. In such case if the “delay” exceeds 7 days then counting from the eighth day and onwards the client has to pay a sum of ₹3000/day as project rescheduling fee.

We do not claim ownership of any content on our clients’ websites accept our own logo and brand name. A client is fully responsible & liable for all content on his/her website.

A client must transfer the rest 50% amount and any additional fee accrued due to additional work or “delay” before the final delivery of website. The website will not be delivered to the client until full payment has been done by the client.

Once the website is delivered to the client we will entertain feedback and fix bugs for free for the first 30 days. After 30 days, any work whatsoever will be charged at the rate of $100/hour.

If a client has opted for our hosting plan (“JS Cloudweb” service) then he/she must choose any one plan from our website maintenance service (“JS Manage” service). Our hosting service is for those clients only who do not have the domain knowledge of hosting and maintenance of a websites.

A client must know that by opting for JS Manage service he/she gives us an administrative privilege to login his/her website (remotely through web tools or manually) for maintenance work. We respect the data privacy of our clients. Our web tools or maintenance engineers do not enter into any other section of the backend of our clients’ website which are not required for maintenance of the website.

The charges for hosting and maintenance are calculated on monthly basis and must be paid within the first 5 days of every month. A client may choose to pay these monthly fee in advance for 3, 6 & 12 months.

Any delay in payment of monthly fee will attract a penalty of ₹500/day upto 7 days. After these 7 days the website will be put under suspension and a penalty of ₹2000/day will be charged.

If a client fails to clear the arrear within the next 21 days, it will be understood that the client does not wish to continue using our service and his/her website will be terminated.

We will retain the data of such website for 5 days after termination of service. The client is required to download the data within these 5 days after which the data will be destroyed from our servers. It is client’s responsibility to make sure that he/she has saved the website data. We cannot be held responsible for any loss, financial or data, whatsoever.

The charges for add-on services like cdn & email hosting (if opted for) will be clubbed in the monthly hosting & maintenance bills.

The terms & fee for our SEO services will be decided on case to case basis. Please note that SEO ranking depends on many external factors. We will provide on-page & off-page seo services. We will do external link building on websites with good domain authority. We will provide our clients with relevant short-tail & long-tail keywords to use on their pages & posts. But ranking of clients’ websites on the top of the search list can never be guaranteed in unpredictable online world.

If you purchase any third party product or services on our recommendation and by following our link then we may or may not earn a small commission as affiliate marketers.

We generally retain our clients contact details for a period of 1 year to ensure seamless service delivery. If a client wants us to remove their details from our system then he/ she may send us an email.

Any project we have worked on will be displayed on the projects section of our website “”. A client may ask for not disclosing a particular detail, between client name &/or project cost, in public by sending us an email.,