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Managing KBathBrewery E-Commerce Shop, creating products / categories / tags / coupons, generating reports, creating backups for a duration of 20 hours/month at a fixed rate of ₹7000/month. Extra work hours beyond 20 hours will be charged at the rate of ₹400/hour

Services On Offer

Dear Sir,

Our hourly charge for web development is ₹800/hr.

The type of work you need us to do for your e-commerce site is not development work, but still, we will be required to invest our time.

If it’s not a problem then we will be charging ₹7000 for 20hours/month (fixed) and if 20hours is exhausted then ₹400/hr for extra work.

The charge will include tasks like:

  1. All types of products/category/tags/coupons creation
  2. Shop settings/promotion settings/page settings
  3. Generating sale reports for weekly analytics
  4. Creating daily manual backup/free restoration during the event of website crash
  5. 5gb of backup space on a remote location(dropbox)
  6. Editing images to fit standard size
Terms & Conditions
  1. The proposal must be accepted or rejected within 3 days excluding the day on which the client receives the proposal.
  2. JSMedia7 – Web Solutions will revise the project proposal, on receiving a request of the client, up to 3 times.
  3. The proposal once accepted will be final. Any addition / omission / alteration thereafter will be charged over and above the proposal quote.
  4. We will start working on the project only when Advance Fee is deposited in our bank account. (Not applicable on recurring payment)
Privacy Policy

We collect your private information to provide better and more seamless services.

We do not collect any of your sensitive information like credit/debit card number, pin, CVV, expiry or issue date.

We however save the transaction number and transaction date as proof of payment.